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Thursday, March 30, 2017

Day Two

Well today was a wet one.
It rained all day long.
It didn't deter us, but was not so easy to take pictures

Our plan was to visit the Basilica of the Sacred Heart at Notre Dame...but we couldn't find it! We found this place, but not what we were looking for!!
We drove around a bit trying to find it, but had no luck, so we just continued on our way.

We went through a place called Logansport and it had this nice painting on the side of a building, similar to places at home

We saw lots and lots of wind turbines driving through Illinois. The land there is so flat you can see for miles and miles.

At one point I had the windshield wipers on turbo speed it was raining so hard. It's hard to see the signs in the rain. Jade is doing a great job of navigating for me, but I am really glad I went through the road atlas and highlighted our route. We opted for no interstates on the way out so we are really seeing some nice small towns and farms along the way.

We drove through one little town and I looked down the street and saw this guy - so we had to go around the block so I could get a picture of him.

Then we came up to this bridge - I wasn't sure what we were crossing. It turned out to be the Illinois river

We stopped for the night at about 8:45 pm in Quincy Illinois. We chose the Welcome Inn....I will not choose a Welcome Inn again.....the price was right....but not the nicest place. The fella at the front desk was very pleasant and had a cute little 7 week old puppy who was adorable, but it was kind of a dungy place...I kept teasing jade telling her I was going to get scurvy.

So I'm gonna try and sleep - it might be with one eye open...but we have more driving to do tomorrow.
 We'd like to get through all of Missouri and Kansas tomorrow.
Chow for now


Blogger Diana Gibbs said...

Be safe sister, and don't stay at dives...good grief...don't be bringing bed bugs into my nice new guest room!!! Love ya, Di

March 30, 2017 at 11:28 PM  

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