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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Whoo-Whoo -Whoo had a Happy Anniversary?

Well I couldn't post this card yesterday, cause I hadn't delivered it to my Mom and Dad yet. So I will post it today. This is the card that I made for them for their anniversary. I wanted to add some texture, so I made the little roses. I want/need to get better at making those, they look very pretty on cards and projects.
Well, I am officially the Mom of a college applicant!!! College applications had to be submitted by February 1st. Jade sent hers in yesterday. So now we play the waiting game and keep our fingers crossed she gets accepted. I went to Fanshawe College for nursing, but to be honest, I don't remember if I was anxious about whether I was going to be accepted or not. I'm not sure if Jade is anxious or worked up about it or not. She had a bad headache last night so we just kind of vegged on the couch. Watched a couple of episodes of Heartland and I watched a couple episodes of the Vicar of Dibley - what an hilarious show. Dawn French is funny funny lady.
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