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Friday, January 20, 2012


A new show started last week I think, called Alcatraz. The previews for it looked pretty interesting so I thought I would watch a couple of episodes and see what I thought. I think I'm gonna like it! It's very different from anything else that is on television right now.
The cast is great as well.
Sam Neill plays Emerson Hauser - I have liked him since he played Dr. Grant in the Jurassic Park movies - and he was pretty good in that vampire movie Daybreakers too! I think he is gonna be a bad guy......time will tell
Parminda Nagra plays Lucy Banerjee - remember her from her E.R. days?? - I think she is a good character, but I'm not sure.....
Jorge Garcia plays Dr. Diego Soto - I'm so glad he is in another show. I loved him as Hurley in LOST!!
Robert Forster plays Ray Archer - I can't remember all the stuff that I have seen him in, but I know I like him as an actor.
Sarah Jones plays the main character and I don't know if I have seen her in anything before, but I think I am gonna like her.
I like the chemistry she has going with Dr. Soto.
Basically the overview of the show is in March of 1963 Alcatraz was closed because of rising costs etc. They transferred all the inmates to other prisons.......but that's not what happened....and now, 30 years later, the inmates are coming back and starting their crimes again.....BUT they look exactly like they did 30 years we need to know where they they got they are getting back....and who is behind it all.
It's going to be in interesting show!! right up my alley!
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