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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The Grammy's

Well, Jade and I started watching the Grammy's the other night and then we decided to PVR it so we could fast forward through all the WEIRDO's. Honestly where do these people come from?
The tribute to Aretha Franklin was well done. The performers voices were amazing. Christina must give a big thank you to Jennifer Hudson for picking her up when she fell. Then what the heck was up with Lady Gaga's shoulders and head? I think she might have been auditioning for a Star Trek movie. She has a great voice - why does she have to be so odd? I didn't even know the next few stars - I have seen some of them on Ellen cause she gets all kinds on there...but why do we have to call someone B.O.B....isn't that just Bob? Yeah and not sure I'd be crowd surfing at the Grammy's....Seriously I could have done without the Bieber/Usher combo...but it was AWESOME to see Will and Jada Smith in the crowd watching their son Jaden on stage performing. I was proud to see that Lady Antebellum stuck to their standards and wore what they always wear (and did so with Class) and they sounded great - so far all the other performances sounded like crap....maybe it's cause the country singers can actually sing and they can do performances without all the techno bull shi**. Okay the Ce Lo Green performance where the guy looked like a Muppet.....that was waaaay odd. And although I liked Gwyneth when she performed this song on Glee - she was not in great music form for this performance and that black skin tight outfit - looked hideous. I'll be honest I don't understand the big hype for Eminem. As far as I'm concerned he is an angry child who should really learn to smile. I was glad to see that Lady A won I think 3 awards.... it's great to see the normal country people winning things over these weirdos and wack jobs....I was looking forward to seeing Bob Dylan....although I think it was more entertaining to watch the guys he was playing with than to actually watch him. Believe it or not, Mick Jagger's performance was pretty good and I think he was probably okay and didn't need to use the defibrillator back stage. I was glad to see Kris Kristofferson and Barbara Streisand on stage together again, although it would have been nice to hear them sing together again. Barbara's voice was beautiful as always.
So my thoughts on the whole Grammy's thing....I enjoyed it most when they panned the crowd and you could see people singing along with the songs, like when they zoomed in on Nicole Kidman singing to Teenage Dream, and for next year....I think they should just let the cast of Glee sing all the songs - cause they do a MUCH BETTER JOB THAN THE ORIGINAL ARTISTS!!
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