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Monday, January 31, 2011

Happy Anniversary ....

Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad. I know it was on the 30th, and well this is the 31st, but I don't have the Internet at home to get this up on time!! I have your card at home, so I can't post it here until I give it to you!! Cause I know you read my blog! I hope you had a great Anniversary and here's to 31 more years! We watched the movie The Fighter yesterday. I can see why it was up for a bunch of awards. It was a great story (it was based on a true story) and the acting was amazing. I have always like Mark Wahlberg. He is a great actor. Check out the guns!!!!!Christian Bale, I have seen in a few different things and he has been good in all the shows I have seen him in. I have heard he can be a bit of a bad boy and hard to work with, so I hope that's all just Hollywood stuff. He totally deserves to win an award for his performance in this movie though. He does a very good job at playing a crack addict. He must have lost a ton of weight to perform this role as well. I saw him on the Golden Globes and he had long long hair and looked "healthy". I would suggest watching this movie, if you have not done so already. Hopefully I will get over to Mom and Dad's with their card tonight so I can post it up here tomorrow! Chow for now Jacqui


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