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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Charlie .....Charlie....Charlie.....

Man oh man this dog is hilarious. We have had dogs in the past, but none of them have had the personality that this dog has. She is such a snuggle bug, which is fun, but also interesting since she is not a tiny little lap dog! She loves to be around us though. She will squish in between the couch and the table so she can be by one of us and she will hop up on the couch with us sometimes as well. She likes to curl up in Poppa's chair and she will sit in front of you and "talk" to you if you happen to be sitting in that chair when she thinks she should be. The other day she curled up on the couch with Jade and then she kind of slinked off the couch and then slept like this for the rest of her nap. Then finally she made it all the way off the couch. Too funny. The kids are loving her to pieces and I think she just soaks it up. We are so happy we got her! She is awesome. Chow for now. Jacqui


Blogger Diana Gibbs said...

Poppa's chair? You are letting the dog sit in Poppa's chair? Ewww, Jacqui.
Big sister is yelling at you.
Love you though,

January 26, 2011 at 10:53 AM  

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