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Friday, January 21, 2011

Scary Times....

Well...yesterday some kids at a high school in London got in a fight and one of the kids pulled a gun. The school went on immediate lock down while the police searched the school to find the kids. The police have arrested 3 people in relation with this, but as of the 6:00 news last night, they still had not retrieved a gun. A number of the people I work with have children that go to this school. I was very frightened for them, and can only imagine what they were going through with their kids actually INSIDE the school. What is this world coming to? Don't parents teach their kids how to work out their differences with people any more? Why is violence the first thing people turn to when something doesn't go their way or someone does something they don't agree with? Why has it become necessary for schools to hold seminars and assemblies on bullying and where kids can turn if they are getting bullied at school or outside of school? I'll admit, I need some work in this department too. Not that I am a violent person, but I do make "smart-ass" comments when people do stupid things. Comments like they "would make a nice hood ornament for my car", "do what you're told or I'm gonna smack ya up side of the head", you know things like that. Seriously, I would never purposely run anyone down with my vehicle, and I don't smack my kids, and my comments are made in jest, but maybe, just maybe, if we all take a minute and think about the things we say and do, before we do them, it might make a difference. Remember " a journey of a thousand miles, begins with a single step." So maybe I will make this little step, and if everyone else takes a little step, we can one day, stamp out violence. You know it just takes way too much energy to hate. Lets start today and make a change.
(getting down off my soap box now.....)
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