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Saturday, October 16, 2010


Thanksgiving is always a nice time around our place. For the last few years it has been great weather, so it's nice to soak up some sun and spend some time outside. This Thanksgiving was our first one at our new place, which was great cause when it was time to head to Mom and Dad's for dinner, we just had to go down the road! We had duck this year which was very tasty. It was an organic duck so there was no grease at all. It was wonderful! Unfortunately, Dad was working in the fields combining beans so he did not join us for a sit down meal....although we did see him for about 20 minutes in between a wagon load so he could eat come cool food..but at least he ate! On Monday we went in to see Granny at the nursing home. She had a cold last week so she was on bed rest for 6 days - that's just standard practice at the nursing home. She kind of enjoyed the lounging around!!! They brought her meals to her in bed and she kinda liked that! She looks great and is doing well. I just love her so much, it makes me smile just to think about her. I took my tripod into the nursing home with us so that we could get a picture of us together! So here you can see Granny, my mom, me and Jade! 4 generations!!! Hope your Thanksgiving was a great one and that you got to spend it with your families. Chow for now Jacqui


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