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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Movie weekend

I picked up my little sister Courtney on my way home from work on Friday night! She came over for a bit and we talked "wedding stuff"! I think we got her thank you cards figured out.....pending Jay's approval of course! So I'm curious to see what he said....I hope he liked them...I think they looked great. We had a little bit of a visit and I loaded her up with the 3 remaining Twilight books she had to read.....she has enough pages there to keep her going for a while! Then she was off to visit with her girlfriends and to see a new baby that one of her friends had on Thursday! Sometimes it just takes my breath away to think that my little sister is getting married and has friends who are having babies already! The time is sure flying by. Makes you want to make every minute count. So Friday was our last night as a family for a while. Early Saturday morning we took Jade back to Woodstock for her job. She will probably be there until the 5th of September. So we had family movie night! Then first thing Saturday morning, Joe, Joel and Jade piled in the van to take her back to Woodstock with a side trip to London to pick up a dryer. We have been without a dryer since we moved, which has been okay as we have been using the clothes line, but with school fast approaching and fall being the time of year when many farmers like to spread manure on their fields....I'm not certain I want my clothes hanging out on the line at that time! A lady at work had a dryer for sale and it was at an unbeatable price, so we scooped it up. Now we have a choice - dryer for the rainy or manure days! and clothes line for the nice breezy days. I had another migraine on Saturday - I have had 5 in the last month which is unusual for me and I'm really getting sick of them to tell you the truth. It had eased off by mid afternoon so I was able to get some organization done in my house....some long needed organization! Then Saturday evening Joe, Joel and I sat down to watch the movie Prince of Persia, Sands of Time with Jake Gyllenhaal. What a cutie patootie he is! I really enjoyed the movie. I heard mixed reviews on it because it was based on a video game, but I really liked it. I liked the story line and I liked the way they did it. And got to see Jake's little smirk every once in a while too! Sunday we watched Defiance. Joe and I had wanted to see this one for a while, but just never got around to watching it. So yesterday we did. It was very good. I always have mixed emotions about saying a movie about the Jews and the holocaust is a "good" movie, because frankly it was not a good thing at all...but I hope you know what I mean when I say it was a good movie. It just blows me away when I think of the people who survived that horrible, horrible time. It seems so surreal and I cannot even begin to imagine in the horrors they went through. It makes it even more real knowing that Jade visited the death camps when she was in Germany. The acting was very well done, Daniel Craig did a great job as did Liv Schreiber. I would recommend seeing them both if you are looking for a movie to watch. Chow for now Jacqui


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