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Monday, July 26, 2010

Home safe and sound....

Well Jade got home safe and sound on Thursday night. We drove into Woodstock to pick her up and they were scheduled to be in Woodstock at 7:00 pm and she arrived at 7:08 pm so I thought that was pretty good. I brought my book with me to sit in the parking lot and wait for her.....and I think I got about 2 lines read and she was there. If I had of forgotten my book.....she would have been 3 hours late!!!!
It is great to have her home though. Now our new place feels like home with everyone there.
She is still getting over the jet lag thing - she was not feeling so hot last night - but I'm sure crashing in her own bed will make her feel better quickly!
We had a busy weekend....making pickles with Grandma, Grand Bend Flea Market, grocery shopping, swimming, mowing grass, fixing up flower beds, some more swimming and just hanging out.
Hope your summer is going great as well!
Chow for now.


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