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Sunday, November 8, 2009

Welcome to the world .... Carter!

A friend of mine at work had a baby boy about a month ago. It happened on the same weekend as Jactopia, so I was keeping an eye on Facebook to find out what they had named the little fella when he came into the world! They decided on Carter. I like that name. It reminds me of Noah Wylie and the character he played on ER.....but I like the name! And the grand scheme of things...I doesn't really matter if I like the name anyway...he's not my baby!!! (but I digress!) Immediately I decided to make them a name frame. I have made a number of name frames for various people (and dogs!) I think they are a fun project. It's hard to find items with the correct spelling of your name sometimes so it's nice to get a personalized gift sometimes. I decided to go with blues and greens because he is a boy, and I also decided to go with boy images instead of baby images, in hopes that the frame will last longer in his room if it contains boy images instead of baby images. I'm pleased with how the name frame turned out.
I also whipped up this card to give to them as well. My BFF Vicki Garrett made a card similar to this a few years ago....and I have gracefully stolen the layout from her and it has become my standard "new baby card" layout! Just tweaking the colours and papers accordingly!

A number of us at work decided to put some money together to get the new little guy (and mom and dad too) a gift, so Jade and I had the fun job of going and getting the gift yesterday! I love shopping for baby stuff! There are so many cute little things out there now. They had cute things when my kids were little too, but they always seem to out-do themselves with something just a little bit cuter than before! I hope they like all their goodies.
I put them all on the couch to take a picture of them so I can send an email with the picture to all of the people who pitched in money, cause I'm not certain when we are going to give it to them. I'm not sure if I am gonna go over to their house and give them the gift or if we are gonna try and get him to bring the baby in to work and give it to him there. I am thinking the first option would work best cause ......well then I would be the only one there and cuddling duties would be mine and only mine!! So this is what all the stuff looked like strewn all over my couch!!! Then I folded everything up nice and neat and put it in a big basket and put some cellophane around it, and with any luck the cellophane will stay on until I get it to their house!

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Blogger Summerthyme Studio said...

That's fabby! Look at all that stuff! Lucky Carter!



November 8, 2009 at 3:51 PM  

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