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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

V - did ya watch it??

Oh my gosh I was so excited about the new series V coming on television. I remember when I was younger we watched that show. We would get so grossed out when they would eat rats whole or when that one girl that was getting changed over was eating raw meat! If I'm not mistaken I think the leader of the original show was named Diana! (which is funny cause that's my sisters name....can't really picture her eating rats whole though.......)

I had such a crush on Marc Singer!! I remember watching and thinking oh come on you can't get together with that evil Diana girl!

I was pleasantly surprised by the Pilot. Just enough action to get you into it and just enough secrets to be unearthed to keep you watching next week. Some eye candy too, which is always a good idea on a show!!!! Morris Chestnut - what an attractive man he is...a little surprised that he is a Visitor!! Scott Wolf - oh my gosh he went and grew up!!! Remember him as Bailey on Party of Five. Elizabeth Mitchell - well I loved her when she said "yes" to Tim Allen in the Santa Clause movie and became Mrs. Claus! And she kicks some serious butt on the tv show LOST. And how about Laura Vandervoort the pretty lady playing Lisa - who just happens to be Canadian!!!! Eh to go girl! And I can't remember his name, but the fella who played Erica's (Elizabeth Mitchell) FBI partner....last time I saw him in a movie he was helping Heath Ledger become a knight in A Knight's Tale.

I will watch again next week....I might even have to crack out the original series....which I happen to own on VHS!!! and let the kids see what the original was like!

Chow for now

Oh yeah..and remember........ANYONE could be a Visitor!



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