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Sunday, March 15, 2009

Okay, lets face it…. when it comes to actually making the Make and Takes at Stampin’ Up! events – I am slow as molasses in January. They give the announcement….You have 40 minutes of stamping time…and I think to myself…oh 40 minutes that’s a nice amount of time to work on stuff…and then it seems like 5 minutes later and they are saying attention you have 5 minutes left to wrap up your stuff…I think those Stampin’ Up! people have their clocks on speed spin!!!!
It was nice though that they let us work on what ever project we wanted to. I liked that change to the process. This way…I looked through and the items that I knew I did not have at home…I made sure I stamped or punched or “big shotted”!
That way when I get home…...I can create at my own pace!!!! The music mix they have for stampin’ was great too…although I wouldn’t be upset if they removed George Michael and replaced him with the Road Hammers!!!

This was the first make and take I did.
It’s a cute layout and I have not done the technique where you colour right on your stamps with the watercolour wonder crayons and then mist and then stamp it down for a while, so it was kind of nice to do that technique again, but I didn’t get it lined up very well….stamp-a-ma-jig you say?? Stamp-a-ma-what??

I think I will try this layout with some of the other sets I have. I must day it was nice to crack out the versa mark again too! I have not used my versa mark in a long time! It was almost to the point where it was sending me postcards…(have you seen those odd commercials where the mop is sending the person flowers and postcards…cause she has switched to a Swiffer wet mop)? Seriously…I think with my twisted brain…. I could totally be a commercial maker!!!!!
Chow for now,


Blogger Bounty Hunter said...

Hello again my Canadian friend from your Arkansas friend down south of the border.

Since Celtic Thunder is doing their North American Tour this time to include Canada, hope one or more of the venues are near you.

Peace and love.

March 31, 2009 at 9:56 PM  

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