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Sunday, March 8, 2009

Be Brave

Bravery comes in all shapes and forms. Sometimes you have to be brave to suffer through a sickness whether you are the sick one or a loved one is the person who is ill. I was watching television last night while I was stamping up some swap cards and this awesome commercial came on. There are some pretty good commercials on TV right now and then there are some real losers too! Every once in a while a commercial comes along that just grabs you. Makes that lump come up in your throat. A lot of times they are the ones from Kids Help Phone or the Church of Latter Day Saints, but this time believe it or not, it’s a commercial from Pfizer. It’s a very powerful commercial so I thought I would share it. I’m bringing it over from YouTube so hopefully it will link properly.

And then there is bravery when you are playing sports. Joel had his play off tournament this weekend. They had a great Saturday, ending up first in their pool. So they had to go back and play today. They didn’t have much luck in the scoring department today though. They set up great and made some awesome passes and had a whole bunch of close calls, but just missed the goal by an inch. They had some incredible shots on net and had a lot of hustle, but they just didn’t come out on top today. But…this is where the bravery piece comes into play. Check out this video of a bit of the game. It’s not a high action shot or anything, but check out the size difference of the kids. Joel plays in the under 13 league….so to put it in perspective….Joel turned 13 in January…so all these other kids who play are just thirteen or they are still 12…..check out the size of the kids on the red team compared to Joel’s team that is in blue! Now that takes some bravery to get out on the field and compete against them! Thanks for the good vibes for yesterday and thanks for stopping in. I’m stamping today so should have a card or two to show you tomorrow…nah probably just one…I couldn’t show you two at once…..gotta keep ya coming back!!!!!!

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