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Saturday, March 7, 2009

Indoor Soccer Playoff Weekend

Joel's team ended up in 4th place this season in his indoor soccer league. So today and tomorrow is his play off tournament. We have 3 games today and then depending on how he makes out today, determines what he does tomorrow. If this mornings game is any indication.....we should make it to play tomorrow. The kids played awesome. It was the best game I have seen them play all season. Joel missed a few weeks of the season, being ill and in the hospital, so it is wonderful to see him back out on the field ( is it still called a field when it is indoor soccer??) He played great today, as did the rest of his team. They shortened the games for the tournament. So they play 2 15 minute halves, with no break in between. They have 30 minutes to kick the other teams butt! I kind of like the short games. Get in there, go hard for 30 minutes, and then go home!!!!!

I took a couple of pictures of him this morning. They are not great...unfortunately gymnasiums are not conducive to great picture's probably just me!!! For all I know gymnasiums have the best lighting for picture taking!! So if there are any photographers out there reading this....I clearly don't know what I am talking about...but it certainly could not be ME why the pictures are crappy!!!
So whatever time zone you are in - shout out a "go Joel" at noon and at two!
Chow for now,
I'll keep ya posted!


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