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Saturday, April 12, 2008

Happy Birthday Granny!!

My Granny turned 89 years old today!!
A few times in the past year we were not sure she would see this birthday, so we are very happy that she has. My Mom, my Aunt and Uncle and my two kids decided to take a picnic type lunch into the nursing home to help her celebrate. The nurses at the home knew we were coming, but it was a surprise to Granny. We sat out in the beautiful sun room and had some sandwiches and some birthday cake. We were all sitting around talking and catching up and then we were all surprised because Granny's two sisters, Mabel and Phydella, and her sister-in-law Pauline, and her niece Greta came for a visit!! So it was very nice to see them all and I was glad they all made it in to see her. And then after we left, we are to understand that her very good friend Anna came to see her as well. I'm sure she will sleep well tonight after all that visiting!!
She is very much looking forward to my sister coming home in May.....she is not the only one!
All in all it was a good day.
Chow for now,


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh Granny looks so good, I talked to her after everyone left and she sounded just like her old self.
Thanks for posting the picture!
Love ya,

April 13, 2008 at 12:20 AM  

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