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Saturday, September 10, 2016

Day 3 - Week in Stouffville - Thursday Sept 8

I got a little behind on my posting here!!! These girls keep a person busy. 

We had some play time in the morning.
The girls built some block castles with Jade and then helped clean them all up when we were done.

We did a quick little rainbow craft this day! 

Lucy had a little help  and didn't particularly want to pose for a photo, but Miss Daphne did! 

Then we went for a trip to the library! 
Daphne put her book back in the book return slot and then it was off to the kids books. Of course we had to stop and check out the fish before getting too far! 
Daphne and Jade headed off to the books while Lucy and I played on the Franklin couch. Shortly after Jade and Daphne came back and Jade was laughing at the book that Daphne had picked out. Daphne handed it to me and said she wanted to "buy" this one! It looked like a good book....and then I looked a little closer at it and it wasn't in English. I asked the library girls if they happened to have it in English and they couldn't really even look it up on the computer!! so we chose different books!!! We picked out 3 - I hope Courtney didn't have a rule about only one book from the library!
Pretty low key day today. 

Lucy is still a bit stuffed up, but I have been giving her a bit of Advil at bed time and I hope that is helping.
Chow for now 


Blogger Diana Gibbs said...

So cute I love Lucy's little hand on Jade's knee in the first picture, she is like "look up and smile!" Love you, Di

September 12, 2016 at 3:27 PM  

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