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Thursday, April 23, 2015

The apartment!!!!

Jade got her very own apartment on the 15th! I'm very excited for her. She has accomplished so much in her young life and I could not be prouder of her. Joel had an orthodontist appointment on Monday in London, then a dentist appointment in Ingersoll and then needed to be taken back to school in Windsor, so Mom was the taxi driver on Monday!
We had a SUV full of stuff to take to Jade for her apartment so we headed there first. We got the SUV unpacked and then we headed off to the Goodwill to pick up the couch she bought. Her friends that helped her move some other furniture in the night before said there was no way that the couch would fit, so they didn't pick it up when they had the truck. 
Unfortunately, Goodwill would not give her money back or do any store credit, so we had to pick up the couch. Worst case scenario - it would sit in the hallway of her apartment until she sold it to someone else. But Joel was determined to get that couch in that apartment for his sister! So off to Goodwill we went.
Joel got the couch tied down on the roof of the Escape and off we went.

These are the stairs leading up to Jade's door. This part is straight - so no problem with the couch there.
This is the hallway, however if you look on both sides the entrance way that this picture is shot through is the entrance to the living room and it's on a funky angle.

This is the living room.

This shows a panoramic shot of the living room.

This is the nice bright kitchen.

Another shot of the kitchen

And a panoramic of the kitchen.

This is the doorway into the bedroom

And a panoramic of the bedroom

The bathroom.

And a panoramic of the bathroom

This is the living room with some stuff in it - and YES the couch!!!!! Joel did a great job of getting it in there. He was determined! 

Here is another shot of the living room.

And another shot! See Jade's plant on the coffee table!!!! Her very own plant in her very own apartment!!

Another angle of the living room. Granny's corner shelf fits just perfect. Her beta fish is sitting on the top shelf and her Scentsy is on the next one. Not sure what she will put on the rest, but it has found it's place in her new place.

There's a shot of the kitchen with the table and chairs.

And another angle of the kitchen with her new garbage pail!

And another shot. We had to do some plungering of the sink, but I'm pretty sure that's all fixed up

Here's a shot of her bed room. If you look really close you can see "beans" for bean bag chairs on the floor. We filled up one of the bean bag chairs and some of the beans got away from us.

Here's another angle of the bedroom showing the closet.

This is a dark shot of the bathroom.

And another shot of the bathroom.

And these are all the boxes we unpacked!!!! They need to be taken out to the dumpster! But it's evidence that we did a lot of work!

And this is Jade's pride spot!! It's in the kitchen. On the top shelf she has her birthday/graduation presents from her best friend Jill. Then the next shelf is the pretty shadow box that her client Rita made for her. The next shelf has a picture of Granny and Poppa, her card from the humane society and her 21st birthday card that I made for her. The next shelf is another birthday card. It's nice that she has a special place to show off her things.
I really like her place. It's homey and she has lots of ideas about what she wants to do with it.
We just have to find her some blinds for those windows!!! We don't want people seeing "ALL" of Jade!!!! 
I'm proud of you kiddo. 
Chow for now, 
Jacqui (Mom)


Blogger Diana Gibbs said...

So exciting, I never had my own place growing up either. I can't believe she let you post pics before she tidied up and was all unpacked. It looks so big. Give her my love, Di

April 23, 2015 at 10:47 AM  

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