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Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Day 1 - Week in Stouffville!

First off I can't believe I haven't blogged since Daphne's birthday - poor little Lucy was born and had a birthday in the time frame when I wasn't blogging too!

It's hard to believe it, but on Saturday, Jay and Courtney will have been married for 5 years already! They met a couple when they were on their honeymoon and they are going on their 5th wedding anniversary trip with them as well. That's fun! Their hotel sounds really nice with swim up rooms and all inclusive meals and things! I hope they have a fabulous time.......but more importantly, Jade and I are here for the week watching the girls - hopefully giving them a fun time and not driving them completely crazy!

We drove down on Monday afternoon so we were here with lots of time to get the routine of the girls down pat and to ask any questions we had before they left. Early Tuesday morning Jay and Courtney and I got up to make the trek to the airport while Jade stayed home with the girls. It was decided that it might be an easier transition if they woke up to them not being here instead of watching them leave -I think that was a good choice.
We headed off the airport -Jay was chatting - with me I think so I'll take part responsibility for it....but we missed the cut off for the airport - construction had a bit to do with it as well. We did a little turn off and some back tracking and made it to the airport with no other problems. I made it back home to their house safe and sound with no events!!! It was actually pretty straight forward, which I was glad - I really dislike Toronto driving.

When I got back from the airport, Jade had already fed the girls breakfast, and changed some dirty diapers! We just hung out and played with toys and watched a few little shows on tv. Then it was lunchtime and then nap time. 

After nap time we did our first craft. Daphne wanted to do a dinosaur craft, so we made Little Foot from The Land Before Time. Toilet paper roll crafts are so much fun!

Lucy wanted to participate as well when she got up from her nap so she drew a little bit too.

We had some time on the deck and out in the grass! We ended up not staying outside too long as the next door neighbour decided to cut his grass - and I've always been a little paranoid about things flying out of the lawn mower and hitting me (since it happened before) so we went back in.

Daphne even did a little bit of modeling for Jade!!!!

Supper was a success - hot dogs and KD!!! Daphne was super excited about that - she was saying thank you thank you thank you!!! It was very cute. And believe it or not - she sat at the table on her butt the whole time we were eating! SUCCESS!!

Bed time was a little bit more of  an issue. Daphne didn't really want to go to bed - even though the little stinker was tired. Lucy went down okay but was pretty congested so she had a bit of Advil and some rocking. She woke up a couple of times during the night mostly from being congested and Daphne got up around 230 AM or so to use the bathroom. 

All in all it was a good day and night. I'm hoping Lucy feels better and it's just teeth and not a cold. It's not fun having a cold at this time of the year.

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