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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Happy Birthday Diana!!

Today is my wonderful sister Diana's birthday!!! She is so beautiful, funny and creative and I just love her to pieces. What does that mean exactly?? I say that an awful lot, "I love you/her/him to pieces" but I never really looked into what that really means. So I tried out this "new thing" called Google!!! (those of you who were bashing me on Facebook the other day - you know who you are - that is a jab to you!!) and I looked it up. I didn't find any earth shattering definition. I was secretly hoping for some magical mythical explanation so I would look brilliant cause I use this expression all the time...and I found this.
I love you to pieces means that if you were broken up into a million pieces I would love every single one. Every aspect of you. Everything that makes you "you" I absolutely love. :) - well duh!!! I could have told ya that! Either way, that is how much I love my sister Diana. I wish very much that we lived closer together so we could see each other more often. She has been home in the last few years so I have got to see her, but I have never been to her new house (which I think is like 10 years old now). It's definitely on my list of things to do. Maybe once both the kids are in college, I'll have some free time to do a couple of things I have been wanting to do for a while.

I hope you have a super day today sister. I love you to pieces, to the moon and back, a bushel and a get what I mean!!

Love ya lots,
Chow for now,


Blogger Diana Gibbs said...

I love you so very much and miss you every day, I wish we lived closer.
Love and big hugs, Di

April 13, 2013 at 12:39 AM  

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