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Monday, March 26, 2012

I'm a Roadhammer!!!!

Well I was a roadhammer this weekend that's for sure. Friday morning at 8:00 AM we left for Kingston, for a tournament with the Spiking Sharks. Drove over, picked up Matt and then we were Kingston bound. Did a stop in Bowmanville for lunch and then kept on 'trucking' to Kingston. We got there about 2:10 PM. So we made pretty good time. The boys had fun trying to get transports to honk at them or just random people to wave at them.
Early Saturday morning we were up and on the road again - on our way to Kemptville for our volleyball tournament. We got to the location only to find out that our pool was playing at a different on the road again..only 2km ..but still - you think they would have known before that morning...The boys got their new hoodies, so they put them on right away. They played well this weekend, but I have seen them play better. All in all they ended up in 5th overall - which was pretty good as the competition was pretty tough. After the tournament we did a quick stop at the Bulk Barn - to load up on some candy!!!! The boys managed to find some proof that their hoodies are NOT pink - they are Bubblegum!!! We headed for home after a yummy brunch made by my BFF Vicki. The boys didn't feel like stopping so we just drove straight through. They did some sleeping...and the downed a few Dr. Peppers and then we snacked on the candy we got at the Bulk Barn.....I'm not sure why...but when Joel was scooping out some ju-jubes he came across this defective one...and he just had to have it...AND eat it. Hopefully it didn't get "stuck" anywhere. We made it home about about 5:30 PM yesterday afternoon. All in all it was a good trip. The traffic was good and the boys had fun and I got to spend some time with my BFF!...but now it's Monday - back to the grind.
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