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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Cookie Monster

Every once in a while Joe will start snooping through the cupboards. I’m not sure if he is looking for something specifically or if he is just seeing what we have. The other day he was rummaging around in the cupboard and he came across some Butterscotch chips. He loves butterscotch and caramel – I think he would put it on everything if he could. This past weekend whenever Jade was in the kitchen he would come down questioning whether she was going to make her dad some cookies and put butterscotch chips in them……well this did not encourage her to make any! So I decided I would make some…not sure if I wanted to treat him…..or just get him to shut up…but I made some…I even doubled the butterscotch chips!!!!

Maybe this will keep him quiet and keep him from rummaging through the cupboards for a while!!!

Chow for now,



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