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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Western Fair 2011

It's been a few years since I've been to Western Fair. I think the last time was when Courtney was still showing her sheep in 4-H....that was a while ago...she's an old married woman now!!!! Actually, not an old married woman...she's only been married for 9 days! My work gets deals on things in and around London some times so this time they had tickets for Western Fair. So I scooped up 4 tickets and then planned on going on the last day of the fair because that's when Brian, Jade's boyfriend, was driving in the Demolition Derby. It was fun to watch. Partly cause I knew someone who was racing and partly cause Joe used to work for the Hell Drivers so he got to see a few familiar faces as well. They had a competition at the beginning of the derby for the best looking car - they narrowed it down to 3 and then the audience had to cheer for the best looking car. Brian's car won!!!! So he got a trophy for that before even getting hit by anyone! Then they all came in and they park around the outside with their tail ends pointing at each other - that's how they start - then they do the ready set go thingy and then they can start smashing each other! Brian got a few good hits into a few cars...but we were especially glad when he smashed into one particular car and pretty much rendered it useless....there's a story behind why we were so happy...but it's not my story to tell...just chalk it up to we were really glad he kicked the orange cars A**!!!! If you look really close at this picture - you can see Jade's name pained on the roof! click on it to get a bigger picture and there is an arrow pointing to her name! Then he toured around a bit - but got hung up on another car and no one hit him to jar him loose so he got counted down and was done. I think there is probably proper demolition derby lingo to go along with this....but I don't know you are stuck with my uneducated rendition! We were proud of him though. He did great! I hope to get to see him again this season. When I got the pamphlet about the fair in amongst all the junk mail/flyer's we get - there was a thing called Vine to Vine or I think they called it Living Vines. I wanted to see it - so we walked all over the bloody place...good thing NONE of the people who had the "fair" shirts on....or the "police" uniforms on...knew where the heck the North park was.......but Joe managed to find it and they were very cool. They were standing in amongst trees and things and then they would move...and then they walked around the place. She saw Joe wanting a picture so she kept slinking down closer to him! It was pretty cool. You can see in some of these pictures the girls face and how they would go up against a pole or something and look like vines climbing the pole - it was neat! Chow for now, Jacqui


Blogger Summerthyme Studio said...

Looks like fun and how sweet that Jade's name is painted on the car...........awwwwwwww

Love you!


September 21, 2011 at 10:13 AM  

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