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Monday, July 11, 2011

New Family Members!!

The other day we woke up to 4 tiny baby kitties on our porch. We have a house cat, who never goes outside and who is fixed, so we knew they weren't hers! There is a stray/barn cat that hangs around our place. It is a tabby coloured cat that we named Toby. Well...I think maybe Toby was a Tobette or a Tanya!!! The kittens are the cutest things ever! Joe doesn't want us to pet them - he just wants them to go away...but can you resist? When I got home from work on Friday, it was the first time I saw them. They were all huddled up together in the corner of the porch. So I got a little box and put an old blanket in it and let them lay in it. Then I gave them a little plate full of food. It is quite comical cause they are all trying to be so tough and hissing and stuff - but you can totally pick them all up and they start purring when you do. There is one tabby one, two black/brown/orange/white ones (we call them the twins), and then a black one. The tabby one was trying to be the big tough guy...she how the ears are flat!! One of the twins we call Runt. She is so tiny compared to the other 3. She follows us everywhere. It's so cute. She and Charlie are becoming fast friends. I am so proud of Charlie for not EATING her! Charlie is actually afraid of her a little bit. She does fine until Runt gets underneath her and then she jumps! We need to come up with names for the other three. We were thinking Bicardi, Smirnoff and something else - but then figured everyone would figure we were a bunch of drunks!! Then we thought Transformer names......but teeny tiny kitties don't really look like Ironhide! So we went with Runt for the one - and am not sure on the others. We are having fun with them though. part is a bit morbid......I was driving home the other day and a bird flew out of the ditch and my car hit it....I didn't think any more of it - til I got home and it was kinda stuck in my in the great big circle of kitties had a pretty good meal yesterday! Chow for now Jacqui


Blogger Diana Gibbs said...

so cute, I say keep em, but get them fixed and checked for ticks and lice and fleas and stuff, or your house pets will be covered in em, and then your old cootie scared sister won't be able to come over... ha!

Love ya

July 11, 2011 at 10:18 AM  
Blogger Diana Gibbs said...

OMG! this word verification is

Joe says "unpet" the kittens, I don't want them around

July 11, 2011 at 10:19 AM  

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