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Friday, July 1, 2011

Happy Canada Day!

Happy Canada Day to all my friends and families and all my online friends who happen to follow or come across my blog today! I'm very happy and proud to live in Canada (although after the display by some of the citizens in BC after the Stanley Cup......I'm glad I don't call BC home.....). In spite of sometimes having long wait times, which can be frustrating when you are not feeling well or when you have a sick child, our health care is very good. I work in the Information Technology Services area of a very large health care institution and I used to work as an RN. I have seen the organization from both sides of the fence and although we may moan and groan and the end of the day, we are very lucky to have the health care system we do. Canada has some beautiful places. Take Lake Louise - now you cannot look at that picture and not see beauty. I remember visiting there with my Granny and Poppa on one of our summer road trips. I remember taking one of those funky car/snowmobile machines to travel on the glaciers. I remember a place, I think it was called Call of the Wild, where we used to go and visit. You would go inside and it was dark and then when you walked by a spot the section would light up behind the glass and there was a life size display of an animals habitat or something like that. I tried to find some pictures of it, but have not had any luck. And what about this gem? The CN Tower. I have been there a couple of times. Once with school I think it was in Grade 6 - and the funny thing is I found some old school work and one of my projects was to write a journal about our trip - and we had to put in there what the best part of the trip was - and I wrote that the best part was that a certain boy was on the trip with me!!! ha ha - I got a kick out of that one! Recently my friend Kim and I got real close to the CN Tower as we were making our way up to my BFF's place for our annual Victopia road trip and got turned around on the 4-O- something and so we got a little closer to the tower than we usually do! I like it since they have put the lights on it that change - it is a very pretty site. What about Canada's Wonderland! How fun it is - all the rides and the "mountain"! How about the 1000 Islands?? We took a boat cruise through some of them with my BFF a few summers ago - it's just beautiful - and peaceful to float along on the boat and look at some of the beautiful and unique houses built on some of the islands. I thought this one was very cool. Saskatchewan has some beautiful prairies, Quebec has it's majestic charm, and what about the beauty of Eastern Canada, like Newfoundland. I have never been East and it is definitely on my bucket list. Anyhow, enough of my blithering today. I hope you enjoy your Canada Day and if you are out celebrating, please remember to celebrate not only the birth of Canada, but the rights and freedoms you have in this great country. Chow for now, Jacqui


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