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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

My Baby Sister....

Well she is not so much of a baby anymore....she is getting married this year. Their stag and doe is this weekend and I can't wait to go and celebrate with them.
It's being held at our family farm so that will be fun as well. Give some of the city folk a new experience!!!!
They recently got some engagement pictures taken and oh my gosh they are awesome. They looked like they had so much fun getting them done. There are a couple that I can just imagine what was going on in their heads while they were getting them taken!
Here are a couple for your viewing pleasure!

I love this one! On the blog, I think they posted a caption with regards to this being their "vampire" pic!!!! I've been catching up on True Blood episodes and so that caption made me laugh - I can totally picture them all of a sudden smiling and having their fangs come out!!
Chow for now,
P.S. - isn't my little sister BEEEEE-UUUUUU-TEEEEEE-FUL?? - Jay's okay too!! lol


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