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Friday, June 17, 2011

Spread the Word to End the Word

This is an awesome clip one of my dear friends shared with me on Facebook today. This is such an important message to get out to EVERYONE. I have family members who have some developmental delays and ya know what? They are no different than you or me. They laugh when they find something funny, they cry when they are sad or when they are hurt. They have dreams and aspirations, just like you and me. And, just like you and me, they do not like it when they are put down or ridiculed simply because people are ignorant.
Recently at one of the country music award ceremonies, Darius Rucker sang with a number of people who participated in the ACM's Lifting Lives Camp. This camp is designed to improve the lives of people through the power of music. This clip says it all.
On an episode of Glee this season, Sue Sylvester, who just happens to be the meanest person alive, had a tragedy strike her family and her sister died. (on the show - not in real life). Her sister had Down's Syndrome. Her sister had always been her hero and she learned so much from her about acceptance being comfortable in your own skin. There is another girl who plays on the show, Becky, who also has Down Syndrome and in the episode Sue kicks her off the cheer leading team because seeing her is too painful and it reminds her of her sister too much. By the end of the episode Sue's humanity starts to shine through again and she brings Becky back on the squad realizing her beautiful spirit and the fact that it will be great to remember her sister every day.
So for today, sit back, watch these videos and just......Think about it.
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