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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

PDC goes Twilight.......

Well I missed the birth of the goslings...I guess on Thursday, the 21st she had a couple that had hatched under her wing, and was waiting for the rest. I came into work on Monday to do some things and I came with my camera in tow so I could get some good shots.....and there was nothing there. So she hatched them all and took them all down to the river that runs behind our offices. I'll keep my fingers for next year, or maybe when they get a bit bigger they will be trucking around back on the bank of the river behind the office. So today when I came into work, I parked my car in my usual spot in the parking garage, (which is on Perth Drive hence the name PDC) and as I was walking toward the stairwell door, I saw this "splotch" on the wall - it looked like a big chunk of mud - but I thought why would there be mud in there and that high on the I got a big closer and look at what it was!!!! A Bat!!!! not sure what it means that it is there and it is daytime...but I am gonna keep my distance from him either way! I know bats are good to get rid of bugs and stuff...but man they are UGLY!!!!! Even though... I think I might name him Edward (after the dude from Twilight....not you Dad!!!! if you are reading this!) Chow for now Jacqui


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