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Monday, November 8, 2010

The blood just.....

ain't thick enough for snow yet. Friday night I stayed in town and then met my mom at her work and we came into London shopping for a bit. We wanted to check out the new Lowe's store to see if they had any assorted boxes of Christmas cards for Granny. She still sends Christmas cards, Mom figured last year she sent out about 80!!! She does not like the ones that are all the same in the box, she likes an assortment so we were on the hunt for those. Lowe's had nothing. They had some nice things, but all their cards were one design in a box. So off to Canadian Tire we went to see what kinds of cards they would have. They had one box of assorted cards that were ripped we left it on the shelf. Our next stop Dollarama. Of course - the dollar store to our rescue - they had 3 different boxes of assorted cards. One was a box of 40 and I think the other two were boxes of 24. So we picked up those and we were on our way! I love the dollar stores! We decided to treat ourselves to dinner at Montana's!! We don't go out very often so we had a couple of items that were not on our menu for this week, but watching what you eat does not mean you stop living. So we had a treat and are back on track now. So it's all good. As we were driving home, it was a bit rainy. The closer we got to home, the rain was turning into flakes.............yes, I said flakes. The closer I got to home the flakes were now huge and was a driving snow - you know the kind that comes right at you and makes it hard to see. Well by the time I go to Sylvan Road there was such a slushy/snowy build up on the roads, it was terrible for driving. It was that heavy wet stuff that if you get your tire in it, just pulls you right over. (and since the day before the mechanic told me I needed to get new tires on the car cause the ones that were on it were not suitable for winter driving.....I was not having fun) I made it home safe and sound though. Said a big "WELCOME TO THE SNOW BELT" when I got out of the car and saw Joe! He just chuckled by this time he is used to his crazy wife!!!!! I tried to get the kids to put on their snow pants and go make a snowman but they were not into that!!! Teenagers! Saturday morning I woke up and looked outside and this is what I saw. BEAUTIFUL. To be honest I really don't care for winter much - I just don't like the cold all that much, but it is a beautiful sight when the first snow fall comes and everything has a nice clean white covering of snow. It's supposed to be 11 and 12 degrees all week so it will be gone soon, but it was pretty while it lasted. And I got new snow tires on my car so I am prepared for when it happens next time.....which it will do!

Chow for now Jacqui


Blogger Jolanda said...

O what a beautiful photo's! The last one I love most!
Wauw;snow. In The Netherlands we only have rain...lots of rain.

November 8, 2010 at 9:51 AM  
Blogger Footpather said...

How beautiful. That last photo would make a beautiful Christmas Card.

November 11, 2010 at 6:52 AM  

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