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Monday, May 3, 2010

Busy Weekend

Well another busy weekend has come and gone. On Friday, right after work, I grabbed my friend Laurie and we headed off to Stouffville to see my little sister Courtney. She was participating in a variety show called Music Mania. This year was their 50 year anniversary of shows. We were a little stressed when we started out, worrying that we would not make it to the show on time, but we hopped on the 407 and made great time. We even had time to stop at the Mandarin for supper. I have only been there for a lunch meal before.....mental note to self....supper is WAAAAAY more expensive. Great food though. After our supper we headed off to the Stouffville District Secondary School for the performance. The show was scheduled to start at 7:30 and we walked into the school at 7:00. We got front row seats!!!! The show started and there were a few performances before Courtney realized I was there. I think she was surprised. I love to watch her perform. She is very talented and always does a great job. One of the first skits was called the "fan dance". I was crying I was laughing so hard. It started out as a black light show, so the only think you could see were the feathers on the fan! These fellas were great!
There were a wide variety of skits from the various years of past Music Mania shows. I think this one was called Brother Soul. This was from the Hairspray era. Near the end of the show, a few of the performers came out and sang a song about what they would be if they were not on stage. This was a very comical skit as well. Right from the female doctor pulling down the poor tennis players shorts to the male ballerina in the tutu - but we must not forget the flasher in the fish net stockings!!! It was a fabulous show and I am so glad I was able to see it. Courtney did a great job! She was the accompanist for the ENTIRE show.
Then on Saturday we got up and headed up to the new place to do some more painting. We were hoping to get it all done this weekend....well we didn't, but we got quite a bit done. I'm very thankful that Joe is a good painter. He's a natural....I can tape and fix the little nail holes....but he is a much better painter than me!
The yellow colour we got for the kitchen - I LOVE IT. I think it looks great. We have to put the trip back up in the kitchen, and finish a second coat on the bottom side of the berm thingy (part of the wall that juts out above the cupboards) and then the kitchen will be done!
We got Joel's room done - he taped off a wavy design around his room and then we painted it white. It looks kind of cool! We got one of Jade's black walls painted too! We just need to get the paint for the rest of her walls....she is still deciding on what colour. We also got one coat of paint on the family room. It will need another coat for sure. The room was orange/rust so one coat of beige will not cut it - 2 or maybe 3 coats will be needed.
All in all we made pretty good progress.
And look at these little guys!!!!!
Chow for now


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