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Sunday, March 7, 2010

Celtic Thunder has a new show!!!!

Can you believe it?? I was surfing my online television guide to see what I would put on while I was getting my papers ready for the tax man...and I saw that Celtic Thunder was on PBS. I thought well that is perfect, I'll put it on in the background and I can listen to it while I work away. Well much to my surprise, IT'S A BRAND NEW SHOW!!! I'm so excited. I hope they decide to go on tour again. I checked out their website and it looks like so far, the closest they are coming is New York. I hope they do a Canadian tour. This show is so much different than their last two shows. There is dancing, a new set, and much more choreography than before....and they have added Neil Byrne into the show. Neil has been with them from the beginning, but he sings a bit this time. We always saw Neil as he played the mandolin and the guitar and always looked GREAT in his kilt, so it's nice that he has been added to the group. From the looks of the show, it is still the main fellas, but Neil sings a few.

We spent the afternoon at Joel's indoor soccer play offs. They didn't make out too good, so he is not playing tomorrow.....he won't be playing again until next season. The team did not bad and Joel played well considering he was out for a few weeks with a dislocated knee. He played hard and scored some goals this season and I think he had fun, and that is the main thing.
Here is the third card I designed for our card class we had last week. I used the new glittery paper that I love, and I the embossing folder to add texture. Chow for now, Jacqui


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