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Monday, March 2, 2009

When I stamp, I have my table sitting right in front of the television. I either have the television on or music on when I am stamping. When I have the television on I usually put on something that I have seen before or something that I don’t really have to pay too much attention to. I was flipping through the stations and WQLN, which is our local Public Broadcasting Station, was showing the Celtic Thunder show again. I could watch and listen to those guys over and over and over. They are coming to London in April! How cool is that? If you are able you should go and see them. They are phenomenal.

I have been asked by my daughters Pathfinders group to come and do a project with them at the end of March. IT is the night of their “Sleep not”. It’s a sleepover…but they call it a “Sleep Not” because I don’t think they will do much sleeping!
This will be the 3rd year I have been asked to participate. It’s a fun time. Jade (my beautiful daughter) is lucky as she has a great group of girls and her leaders are fantastic. It makes all the difference in the world when you have a leader that enjoys the events as much as the girls do. Liz and Cory are great with the girls and really push them to step up to the plate and be the best they can be and to learn new things. Liz has been a great help to Jade. She has been her leader, her confidante, and most of all her friend. She is a wonderful woman and we are blessed that Jade has had her as a leader.
I am to send some projects to the meeting with Jade so the girls can see what they want to make. So this weekend I have been putting together some things for Jade to take to the meeting for the girls. I am going to be sending a coaster calendar, a calendar that fits in the CD cases, the top note die book that I posted a couple of days ago and if I can figure the thing out……one of the CD photo cubes. I have been struggling with it all day.
So since I have been struggling…..I don’t have a project to post today….so I am posting this picture instead. It’s kind of fitting for the day I had trying to get the base on this bloody CD cube thing. I totally want to be Maxine when I grow up!!

Chow for now,



Blogger Summerthyme Studio said...

Hehe............. Don't kill me!!!! Lol!!!!!

Happy Monday!!!!



March 2, 2009 at 6:23 AM  
Blogger Peggy said...

Wanted to suggest that you consider adding a counter to you blog - then you would know how many folks are enjoying your humor and learning from your me. Even if most of them remain nameless. If you go to my blog and click on my counter I think it takes you through the steps to add one, free, to yours - that is how I got mine.


March 3, 2009 at 7:58 PM  

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