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Sunday, February 1, 2009

Over a Thousand!!! Go Cardinals!!!

I contemplated posting a picture today but decided to just post a comment today instead.
I took a peek at my counter today and I have had over a thousand hits to my page!!! I know, I are saying 1000 not a big deal, especially since my sister is at something like the 200000+ mark right now!!!! But everything worth anything starts out small! So I was pleasantly surprised to see that number when I looked today!
We had a nice surprise today! My Mom and Dad came for a surprise visit. They were on their way home from a romantic weekend to celebrate their anniversary and they stopped in to have a quick visit! I love surprise visitors!!! It was also exciting for my son Joel, because today was his first game back to indoor soccer since he was hospitalized at the end of November, and Grandma and Grandpa came to the game! know what...I'm sitting here typing this and I don't even know if his team won or lost!!! I was more concerned about how he was feeling while he was playing. He said he was okay, but he still gets tired quickly. Other than that though, he seems to be doing okay.
And now....we are watching the Super Bowl. Our house is rooting for the Arizona Cardinals.
So I'm signing off to watch the game and to check out some of the cool commercials. My favourite so far is the one for Budweiser Beer where the young Clydesdale horse sees the guy giving his dog a treat for fetching a the Clydesdale horse takes off running and comes back with a "stick" - more like a tree!! It's cute.
Anyhow, I'm outta here
Chow for now,
Don't forget to check tomorrow for a sneak peek of the Hanna Stamps that will be released this month.


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