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Sunday, January 25, 2009

Celtic Thunder revisited!

It was brought to my attention by one of my blog readers that I neglected to put up a post after I went to see Celtic Thunder in October. Not wanting to it is!!
In a previous post I told you that I had seen this Irish group called Celtic Thunder on PBS one day so called my mom to see if she was going to be getting bus trip tickets to go and see them. They were not, so I went on a mission to get tickets for myself! I went online and purchased 3 tickets. One for my mom, one for my sister Courtney, and one for me! And the show was in October - I think I bought these tickets in April or something like that. Way way far in advance I know that...I thought the day would never get here! Once I had heard the fellas on the television I ordered their CD because the music is just so awesome. I listen to it and sing along on my commute to work! I'm sure the people driving along beside me think I'm some kind of wackjob!
Anyhow the day finally came for us to head to Toronto to the Air Canada Centre to see Celtic Thunder. My mom came here and then we went together to my sisters place. She lives close to Toronto so we were going to her place for supper and then her boyfriend was going to drop us off at the Air Canada Center so we didn't have to mess with parking. We had a delicious dinner at my sisters and a yummy caramel apple martini (thanks Jay for making my tasty treat!) Then we headed off to the show. I was excited, as was my mom cause we had been waiting for this for a long time. We had already decided that we were going to get a program as a souvenir. I went up to the counter to get my program for me and my mom and I had to grab a t-shirt too!! The cool thing was the producer of the show Sharon Browne, sold me my programs and t-shirt!! I just loved her accent - I could have stood and listened to her all night, but I think the other people who were trying to buy merchandise might not be too happy about that! So we moved on to our seats. I was surprised to see "Celtic Thunder" groupies!!! Complete with their own hand made Celtic Thunder t-shirts, and green little fuzzy headbands and such. Kinda cracked me up!
I have never been to the Air Canada Center and did not realize how big it was. A portion of the centre was taken up by the stage for the show, so we were sitting in a horseshoe type shape to see the stage. I wish our tickets had of been closer, but they were okay - we were up and to the right of the stage and I wish we could have been head on, but it was great anyway. We were a little disappointed that they did not have big screens for those people who were not close to the stage, but our seats were okay enough that we could see pretty good.
I thought the drum set up was quite cool. It was like a circle of drums where the drummer sat inside and there were drums all around him and above him. Some of the fun spots in the show took place when the fellas were having a bit of a "drum off" with their instruments. The girl who played the violin in her bare feet and was wearing a sheer green dress reminded me of a fairy or sprite! She got up during one number and flitted about the stage and played her violin as she was flitting about. She was cute and she seemed like a feisty girl - with the red hair and everything!
When the music started, I must say the hair on the back of my neck was standing up as I was so very excited to be there to see them! I'm glad I got the opportunity to see them live. One thing I was disappointed about was the rule of no cameras in the show. So the pictures I am sharing I found on the web somewhere.
This video is Damian McGinty and George Donaldson singing "A Bird without Wings". This has got to be my FAVOURITE song. George pretty much just does some back up for Damian but it's a nice touch. This video must have been taken a while ago, as Damian has his braces off now and is a bit taller! I cannot believe this voice is coming out of this young guy. I love the words to this song. It makes me think of my husband every time I hear it. Some of the words are:
Like a bird without wings, that longs to be flying, Like a motherless child, left lonely and crying, Like a song without words, Like a world without music, I wouldn't know what to do, I'd be lost without you, watchin' over me.

This is another one of my fav's! George Donaldson looks like he would be a tough guy on the outside, but I bet he's like a big ole cuddly bear! I love his voice it's so pure.

And of course.....this post would not be complete without a video from Keith Harkin!! He is one good looking man! I like this song. He is just so casual when he is sitting there singing! I was impressed as well cause the night we watched them he played this song on his McPherson Guitar! I'm pretty sure the dimples....are the main reason I wanted seats a lot closer to the stage!

I must say it is quite the sight when all the fellas come out wearing their kilts!

Paul Byrom
Paul is a soprano

Ryan Kelly

Ryan has a great voice as well and a great stage presence. I must admit though, the woman that flits around the stage while he is a little over the top.

George Donaldson
George's voice is so pure. He is definitely the father figure in this group.
Damian McGinty

The voice that comes out of this young man just amazes me.
Keith Harkin

I'll be honest, Keith is my favourite member of the group! His voice is very unique, and he's cute to boot!

My recommendation, if you ever get the chance to go and see these guys perform....go and see them.

Chow for now,



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Thank you so much for your report on the show and also for posting so many great songs.

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