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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

July 2009 Riley Calendar

Today's post is my July page from my Riley calendar. I like this little Riley roasting up his little marshmallows! I like to add liquid applique on these to make them puffy and look like real marshmallows. Now that I look at it though, Riley looks a little lonely there on his little rock.

Speaking of marshmallows.....have ya ever been camping/cottaging and the weather takes a turn for the worst and ya just had a humongous craving for roasted marshmallows? Well 2 summers ago, my kids, Jade and Joel, came with me up to Kingston to visit Vicki and her son Jonathon. We went to a cottage for a week at a beautiful little place called Bob's Lake.

One day it was raining (actually it rained a few days), and we wanted some what did we do....NO we didn't light the cabin on fire.... we used the stove in the cabin!!

Now don't those look yummy!!!
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