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Friday, October 7, 2016

Marathon of Hope The Musical - The Terry Fox Story

Well done Drayton Entertainment and Alex Mustakas, well done.
The moment I saw this performance mentioned, I wanted to see it. Let's face it, it's about Terry Fox, so it immediately piqued my interest. Then I thought how are they going to do this as a musical. I was a little anxious as we entered the theatre. I didn't want to be disappointed. Well I certainly was NOT. My eyes were wet from the moment I started reading the program, and the performance hadn't even started yet. 
The flood of emotions this performance brought back remembering where I was when this happened and where I was when that happened was overwhelming.  The REAL van that Terry had for his marathon was in the production.

I walked out the door, got myself fairly composed, and headed to the bus to head home. As I sat in my seat one of the elderly ladies who was on the bus with us, leaned over to my Mom and said, "and I'm 90" just makes you think about how crazy this life is we live. How one young man can touch so many people and be taken away so young at the age of 22 and how others are blessed with 90+ years. 
Nathan Carroll did a fantastic job of portraying Terry. 
When the spotlight was in a certain spot and you saw his shadow on the highway, you would have sworn it was Terry. 
It was interesting to hear how the various towns in Canada did or did not in some cases, welcome Terry and support his dream.
If you have the chance to go and see this will be so glad you did.
We are so very blessed to have the Drayton Entertainment group of theatres in our communities. They bring such wonderful productions and talent to us all. 
And I'll have to admit a little highlight of our day was seeing Alex Mustakas. 
He came up into the theatre along the Orchestra section where my mom and I were sitting, and my mom and I recognized him right away, so we said hello. He graciously said hello back, (but I bet he was thinking who were those sobbing women saying hello to me!) Well Alex, those sobbing women were two women who are so happy you have such vision and create such wonderful entertainment for us all. Thank you so much. (we should talk !!! I have an idea for a show!!!!!!)

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