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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Around the Yard

As most of you know, we are moving this month so we are frantically packing and taking loads up to the new house. I love to garden and I am finding it difficult to walk around my current yard and look at all my neglected gardens. I will be taking some of my plants to the new house with me, as many of them have sentimental meaning to me. Do any of the plants in your gardens have sentimental value to you?
Many of the plants I have I brought to our old house from other gardens of friends and relatives, and then when we moved to this house I brought them here. Now I am doing it again and will be taking them to our new place.
I have a number of Rose of Sharon bushes in my yard, which are babies from a cutting I took from a Rose of Sharon bush from my Grandma Dodds' garden some years ago. She passed away, so I want to keep a piece of it with me. I also have some Hosta's that I got from my Granny's house. She has since sold her house and is now living in the nursing home, so I want to keep it with me too. My perennial hibiscus will be making the trip, as well as my clematis, my mini irises and my normal size irises. I have a few perennials I purchased last summer that I will be taking with me as well.
I took a couple of pictures of some last week just after a rain.
Last spring we had a family of robins who decided to put a nest by our eaves trough. Robins do not come back to their same nests, but I believe other birds will use the nests they built. Check this out.....I don't know what kind of birds they are this year, but I think they could go on the bird version of the show "hoarders" .....look at all that stuff!
A friend of mine rides his bike to work every day. 3 weeks ago when he was riding home some not-paying-attention driver cut him off and he ended up breaking his shoulder. I made him this card and had a bunch of the people in the office sign it for him to get better.
Chow for now


Blogger Summerthyme Studio said...

Cute card!!!! Also You are such a green thumb and bird hoarders, well that is just TOO funny

Love ya


June 3, 2010 at 5:23 PM  

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