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Thursday, July 23, 2009

You know it's gonna be a bad day when.....

You jump up bright and early to get ready for your day of work. You are very excited because today is technically your Friday, because you have booked tomorrow and Monday off of work because you are going to hang out with your closest friends and stamp all weekend long. You jump in the tub, and get all washed up. Out to the kitchen you go to have a little bite to eat for breakfast. You must make sure you eat because you are still on your antibiotics for your face infection. You drink your class of orange juice...which contains your keep you regular.
Back into the bathroom you go to brush your teeth and fix your hair and makeup. Then out the door you go to jump in the car and head off to work. You open the door and think.....oh bummer more rain....when are we ever gonna have summer? You carry on, and off to work you go. You get about 3/4 of the way to work and the car begins to act strangely. It starts chugging and chugging and slowing down. You immediately look at the gas gauge, even though you looked at it before you left town, knowing full well you have at least a 1/4 of a tank of gas in the car. The car continues to lose power and chug along like a cat trying to hack up a hairball.
So you throw on the 4-way flashers so no early riser on their way to work ...just like you... rams into you on the side of the road. So you sit on the side of the road for a while thinking you will give the old girl a rest for a while. Maybe she doesn't like the rain any more than I do.
After 5 or 10 minutes you try and start the car luck. So you wait a little longer and try again....oh...oh a little sputter...come on girl you can do it.... so she starts....there is a glimmer of put her in 1st gear.....and she starts hacking that hairball you stop. Maybe she needs a little longer. So you wait and wait...... but no luck.
So you resign yourself to the fact that you are going to have to call CAA. No problem. Glad I pay for that membership. Best $60 I have ever spent. So I call and talk to Bridgette. Well you know how you just drive somewhere and you just get there cause you know how to get there, but you don't necessarily know the names of the streets and roads you travel on to get there.....well .... just a suggestion.....make sure you know this information....cause it really does help if you know where you are when you are trying to tell someone your location. Yeah sure you can give them the 911 number that you are beside, but I don't think that helps at all.
Anyhow, after 15 minutes on the phone with Bridgette.....she informs me that someone should be with me within 45 minutes.....Great thanks Bridgette.
So I wait ...........and wait.................and....well remember back at the beginning where I said I had my orange juice and my fibre to keep me regular.........well....... apparently regular needed to be right now.
Good God. So I am sitting in my agony....wondering do I have a pail in my trunk? Are any of the people in the 4 houses I am by gonna be home and/or awake and be willing to let a stranger come in and use their bathroom...... well upon further observations..... it does not appear as though anyone was home at any of these houses. ..... have they all gone on vacation together? Where's the neighbourhood watch process there; when the whole neighbourhood goes on vacation at the same time?
I never have been an "outdoorsy" girl with respect to elimination..... I can get dirty, I can drive a tractor, I can do a bunch of things....but going to the bathroom in the ditch in the daylight just NOT something that I can do.
But.....I must admit the thought did cross my mind......I was actually to the point where I had Kleenexes stuffed in my pockets.... and was scoping out the patch of trees across the road from where I was broken down. But to my delight down the road came the CAA truck..... even though it is now 7:00 AM and I have been bouncing up and down doing the "bathroom" dance for 45 minutes now.....
Thankfully he was a nice fellow and he agreed to stop at the Tim Horton's in Thamesford on the way back to Woodstock so I could use the bathroom.
He would not even let me buy him a coffee.
Anyhow, the car is at the shop and they have no idea when they are gonna get a chance to look at it. They are busy busy and not sure.
So....I might be riding my bike to Ingersoll on Monday to get my root canal!

Today I am thankful for CAA and the nice man who stopped at the Tim Horton's so I could go to the bathroom! (always gotta find that silver lining!!!!)

Chow for now, I hope to have some pictures or projects to post after this weekend with my girls!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

what a great story Jacqui, so glad you shared this little bit of you with us all.

Love you

July 23, 2009 at 9:55 PM  

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