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Sunday, July 12, 2009

Excessive Bumps??

A while back my sister posted a message on her blog about the funky vegetables in her garden. My hubby went and picked some strawberries the other day and he came across this little gem! So I thought I would show you that we can grow funky things in Canada too!

It almost looks like a flower!

I think my face is trying to do this as well! I think maybe I'm trying to grow another nose or something! On Friday, I had a bit of tenderness on my upper lip, just under my nose. Then by 9:30 pm on Saturday night I was puffed up right up to under my eye and the whole left side of my face. So off to emerg I went...not knowing if I should be going to emerg or to the dentist. Luckily it was only a hour and a half by the time we got in, got looked at and got my prescription filled.

Apparently I have some sort of infection that is causing the swelling. I'm not sure how you get an infection in your face. Like where did it come from? I can see if I had some dental work, or if I got a scratch or something, but how does all of a sudden your face just swell up like a balloon? Oh well, good thing is I got some antibiotics and hopefully they will clear everything right up.

So today I am thankful for .................the emergency department at our local hospital. They got me in and looked at and out in a very reasonable amount of time.
Chow for now



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Jacqui;
Hope that you are feeling better soon. I love you're "what I am thankful for" notes It is so nice to seen that positive outlook. It's easy to see that you are Di's sister.
Hang in there girl, things are going to get better.
Sharon (from Shelburne On)

July 15, 2009 at 2:37 PM  

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