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Sunday, February 8, 2009

Riley in Canada??

Back in January, I was lucky, lucky, lucky, cause Kristi came to my house to stamp for the weekend. Vicki, Kim, Donna and Tami were here as well. (they are all my stampin' peeps!) Kristi was making great cards and every once in a while she would need an embellishment. Every time she was looking for an embellishment I would bring her this Canadian flag embellishment! It totally didn't fit or match any card that she was doing, but I was like this sucker is gonna get on a card someday! So this card is not only my little salute to the men and women who serve, but is also a salute to Kristi!!!!

It's pretty simple, but cute too I think!!

Chow for now,


P.S. I have 5 followers now!!! I think I just might have to make up a secret handshake!!!!!!


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