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Saturday, October 11, 2008

The Hammer Goin' Down!

So last night the Road Hammers were playing at the Norfolk County Fair!! So we just had to go and see them! They put on the best show! That was the third time I saw them. The first time was at the Festival of the Islands, with my best friend Vicki! She got us kick ass tickets. We were in the third row.

We saw them again that same summer at Western Fair in London. This time we were in the 5th row. Last night we didn't have great tickets - we opted for the free concert with the price of admission to the fair - which meant the grandstand. I wish we had of been closer, but the music was AWESOME like always and the show was incredible. I even called by best friend Vicki when the concert was on. I could not hear hardly anything on the phone, but I really wish she could have been there with me, so at least this way she kind of was!

It was nice to see the boys back home in Ontario, Canada as they have been touring around the US for a while now.

Even playing at the Grand Old Opry!
If you ever get the chance to go and see them play - you really should go!
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