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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Happy Birthday Courtney!

Today is my little sister Courtney's birthday. Happy Birthday girl! She is such a beautiful woman and I am so very proud of her. She has the voice of an angel and her fingers just fly over the piano keys. She has a great job as a teacher and I bet she will be the teacher many young children will remember as "one of the good ones", when they get older.
I thought I would share with you some pictures and memories!! (I apologize for the quality of some of the pictures because I scanned them from my photo album...and of course they were my photo albums before I learned all about acid free etc. some of the pictures are stuck in my book)

This picture is from the day Courtney was born! Wasn't she the cutest baby ever? She was a very good baby, always bright eyed taking everything in.
I love this picture of Courtney. She was so cute. She has perfect posture sitting there posing for the picture. I remember that little dress she has on, my mom sewed for her! Her little shoes had bells on them so when she moved her feet they jingled.
Check out the shades!!!! I remember Courtney had the best "gut giggle". You know that laugh when little kids getting laughing so hard they almost get so weak they can't even sit up! We used to sit her up on the top of the fridge and then she would wiggle her butt to the edge of the fridge and drop down and we would catch her! Then she would laugh. She used to love to do that.
We used to play dress up quite a bit. Her pretty hat here is actually one of those wicker covers spring flowers came in. We used to play this one game where we would dress up with all these weird things like swimming goggles, flippers, hats, boots etc. and then we would go into the other room and remove something and you had to guess what was taken off. The garbage pail in the kitchen was just the right height for her to sit on to take pictures!!!! We used to spend quite a bit of time together doing different things, like face painting!
One of my favourite times of the day was helping get Courtney all bathed and ready for bed. There is nothing better than the clean smell of a child after they have had a bath and have their PJ's on and are ready for bed.
She had the cutest little smile....I think there was a little bit of mischief in there too!!!! I'm positive she got that from Dad!
Halloween was always fun, trying to come up with fun and interesting costumes. I remember we used to go out with Aunt Gloria and Lori and Charlene. I honestly can't remember though if Courtney came with us or not. I don't think she did cause I think she was too small when we were still trick or treating.
Here is her school picture from 1988. She finally has some hair! and her school picture from 1989
Even at a young age she loved to sing. She kind of has a Pippi Longstocking thing going on in this picture! Another set of shades too!
Ballet was another one of Courtney's activities...... but then she went and grew up!
She found her own sweetheart and has a very successful career as a teacher. I am so proud of her and wish her all the best in anything she chooses to do.
This picture was taken last year at our Granny's 90th birthday party, isn't she beautiful?
Love ya, Courtney.

Chow for now,


Blogger Summerthyme Studio said...

Happy Birthday Courtney!!!!
Jax, what an awesome tribute to your sis!

Love ya


March 30, 2010 at 7:43 AM  

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