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Friday, May 8, 2009

Lucy Update

Thought I would give you a quick Lucy update. She is still in the flower bed.....Drake is still by her side the majority of the time. She still hisses at me when I take her food....but I think secretly she is saying in her best goose voice...."thank you human".

At last count she had 5 eggs. I am concerned about what is going to happen when the eggs she is gonna keep them from falling out of the flower bed down onto the street...I'll never know.

I think I should call the "bird people" and tell them of her dilemma and maybe they will come and put a big net underneath the flower pot to catch the babies if they fall out of the nest. We can call it Bird Watch 2009 and have live updates on YouTube every day!! lol

I actually stamped tonight!!

I'm going to visit my Granny tomorrow. (my weekly Friday visits that I have started)

I will be taking her Mother's Day card to her tomorrow when I go to visit so that is the card that I stamped....but I think I will show that to you tomorrow!!!

I'll leave the spotlight to Lucy today!!!

Chow for now,



Blogger Diana Gibbs said...

she looks bigger here...cause in real life her neck was so skinny.......
I would call, maybe ask how long it takes for them to hatch first.

Love ya,

word of the day flymm

May 8, 2009 at 10:14 AM  

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