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Saturday, November 21, 2009

Good Day, but Huge Disappointment

Today was the day I was asked to be a vendor at a fundraising crop. I like to do these events. I like to meet people who share their love of scrapbooking love to share a tip here, a technique there. The organizers were hoping for a around 30 - 40 people. Unfortunately, they only managed to get 11, but it was still a fun day. I met some new faces and once again had it reinforced how small the world is! The Creative Memories consultant is from Grand Bend....I grew up in Parkhill, which is like 30 minutes away from Grand Bend, and 3 of the ladies are nurses at the hospital that I do computer support at! So that was fun to meet them and with any luck we'll get together again and have some more fun.

I got home about 4:20 and got all unpacked and then got all dressed warm to go and watch out Santa Claus parade. A few years back they decided to have it at night. I like the night time parade, all the lights look so nice all decorated on the floats. We got home from the parade at about 8:00......this is where the disappointing part of the day comes in........

We decided to watch a movie. Joe has mentioned a few times that he would like to watch My Sister's Keeper. I have read the book, so got the Kleenexes ready and away we went. I must say that the acting was great and it held up its end of the bargain to be a tear-jerker movie....BUT........NOTHING TICKS ME OFF MORE THAN WHEN THEY MAKE A MOVIE AND THEY CHANGE IT DRAMATICALLY FROM THE BOOK.

Why do they do that? I don't think they should even be ABLE to do that. The author wrote the book, so if someone pays the author to be able to make a movie - that should not give them the rights to change it how they think it will be. Why do they think so many people bought the book? Cause the book was why do they think that their changes will make it a better movie. If they think they can do it better.....they should have written it in the first place.

When we were done watching it Joe said "well I didn't need as many Kleenexes as I thought I would" (my hubby is a big mush ball and I'm proud to say he cries at sad movies!) and I said "well no sh**. They changed the bloody ending." I told him what the ending of the book was and he was ...holy crap.

Okay....I'm gonna go off to bed now...but on the off chance that any big producer is reading my blog....(ha can stop laughing now......) DON'T CHANGE THE ENDINGS OF MOVIES WHEN YOU TAKE THE IDEA FROM A BOOK - WE DON'T LIKE THAT.

Chow for now



Blogger Diana Gibbs said...

Hey there,
I read the book and bawled and bawled and at class someone told me they changed the ending of the movie, so right there I was like I aint gonna watch it.
Remember Cujo? The Horse Whisperer? Those two come to my mind where the endings were changed.
I agree with you, why would an author agree to that?

Love ya

November 21, 2009 at 10:43 PM  
Blogger Summerthyme Studio said...

I am sorry the movie makers rained on your parade love.... I never did finish the book and well, the movie went wonky before I could finish I haven't experienced the end of either............When I see that movie producer, I'll give em a piece of my mind for you

Love you!


November 22, 2009 at 12:45 PM  

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