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Friday, December 30, 2011

A Thousand Years

My lovely daughter got me the Breaking Dawn Soundtrack for Christmas. My son and I went to see the movie one night when we were Christmas shopping. It was sooooooooo good. I cannot wait to see the second part - I don't like to wish time away, because life it much to short....but I hope the time goes fast!! I don't think they should make us wait a year - that is just mean.
One of my favourite songs on the soundtrack is called A Thousand Years. It is very pretty and I can see it being a big choice of wedding songs in 2012.
Chow for now,

Monday, December 19, 2011

Tree Party

On Friday, the nursing home where my Granny lives had their annual Tree Party. This is where all the residents come out to the main room and they have some live entertainment and then Santa comes and all the residents get a present from Santa. I wasn't too happy when they scheduled the tree party this year...for some reason they scheduled it on a Friday from 2:00 - 4:00 PM. Makes it kind of hard to get there when you are working. Mom was unable to be there cause she was working, so I juggled a few things around and was able to get there with Jade and Joel in tow. Mom picked up a sparking lights necklace so Granny could wear it during the festivities!!!! She had it on for most of the time, but then made me take it home with me, saying "it's too fancy for me!" (she cracks me up!) The fella they had for entertainment this year, I believe his name was Bill Warral (might have been Bob - but I know his last name was Warral) Well what do you know...I just googled him and yep, his name was Bill! He was awesome. He could play the piano beautifully. He sang some songs and we all sang along, he sang some Christmas tunes and he told a few little jokes as well. He had Granny laughing a few times, which was nice to see cause sometimes she will lean over to you and say "I wish he/she would just shut up!" He asked if anyone had requests and one of the fellas asked if he could play Cheek to Cheek. So Bill asked him if he was going to dance. He said "of course". So up he got with Margaret, one of the activity directors at the nursing home and then the other activity director, Lynn also danced with him. He was so cute. He sang the whole song and danced as well. I brought a tear to my eye just watching how much fun he was having. I asked Granny who he was, but she did not know his name, but she said, "he sure does have fun though!" Then they announced Santa's arrival. It was so cute to see how excited Granny got when she saw Santa for the first time. She was smiling, and saying "here he comes", it was adorable. He came in with a bunch of helpers and handed out gifts to all the residents. At first we got another Beryl's present...but soon got that rectified. Granny got her present and got right down to business! Shortly after that we took Granny back to her room and visited a little bit. They have started construction on the nursing home and she enjoys watching all the work outside her window. I told her to make sure she pulls the blinds when they are out there or she might be giving them an eyeful some morning!!!! All in all it was a good day. She looks great, and I even got her smiling in some pictures this time. I just love her so much! If you are lucky like me to have a Granny, take time to go visit her or give her a call or give her a hug. Even a few minutes of your time will make a world of difference to her. Chow for now, Jacqui

Friday, December 16, 2011

Great loss....Rest in Peace Rachel Cunningham

Our small local community lost a young member on Wednesday evening. Rachel Cunningham was diagnosed with a brain tumor a year ago and she lost her battle. She passed away peacefully in the arms of her sister, with her parents by her side. Our small community is very saddened by the passing of Rachel as everyone has been very supportive and fighting for her this past year. She was a great athlete, a great friend, a beautiful girl, with a heart of gold and she will be missed. I'll be honest, along with being sad, I get so angry when things like this happen. Why her? Why when she was so young and had such an exciting life ahead of her. My mom and I have talked about this before, and she said something to me that I try to remember in times like this. She worked with a fellow named Bill Raithby, who was a very sweet man. She asked him the same question one day, when a very young person had passed away. Bill's response to her was, "Do you think God wants to be surrounded by only old people?" So I try to remember this....even though it's hard. Take time today to hug the ones ya love....and make sure you let them know you do. Life is too short not to. Chow for now, Jacqui